Adventures in Local Politics - How leadership brought Delray Beach back

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ISBN: 9781457538933
182 pages

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Adventures in Local Politics is the story of how one community found its way through visionary leadership and citizen engagement.

The book serves as a useful guide to all those who want to lead positive change in their community and tells the story of a former journalist turned mayor who helped advance his city’s revitalization.

Delray Beach is a two-time All-America City that was named the “Most Fun Town” in North America by Rand McNally in 2013.


About Jeff Perlman

Jeff Perlman is an entrepreneur, journalist, and civic leader. He has enjoyed a long career in business, publishing, and community service.

Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, and community, Mr. Perlman is a sought-after mentor, advisor, and speaker on those topics and more.



I fell in love with Delray Beach.

Every now and then-like in many romances-I have questioned that love. Sometimes I know why I feel the way I do, and sometimes I wonder why I care so much.

When Delray Beach is good, there’s simply nothing like it. And when it’s bad … well, let’s just say this place can break your heart.


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